Top 20 Beautiful place in Dhaka in 2024

Are you looking for the top 20 beautiful place in Dhaka? Then you came to the right place to know the best places in Dhaka in 2024. Dhaka is a very ancient city in the world. In general, there are almost 20 million people live in Dhaka city. Everyone consider Dhaka as the most polluted, corrupted, as well as not liveable country. That’s why, many tourists may avoid the Dhaka city with fear. If you visit Dhaka, surely you will be surprised by the historical and cultural places of Dhaka city. Here, you will get the description and photo of top 10 beautiful place in Dhaka in 2024.

Position Place Name
Ahsan Manzil Museum
Lalbagh Kella
Dhakeshwari Mandir
Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban
National Zoo
Botanical Garden Dhaka
National Memorial Savar
Curzon Hall Dhaka
National Museum
Chandrima Uddan
Ramna Park
Suhrawardy Udyan
Buddijibi Smriti Soudho
Rabindra Sarobar
Teacher-Student Centre
Dhanmondi 32
Bangabandhu Memorial
Bengal Boi
Ahsan Manzil Museum Dhaka Pictures

1. Ahsan Manzil Museum

Sheikh Enayet Ullah built this awesome ‘pink palace’ as his summer house in the 18th century. In particular, Ahsan Manzil location is at the bay of Buriganga in Islampur (Old Dhaka). Moreover, this is a large palace from the Mughal period. In addition, if you want to see the lifestyle of the Mughal period, you can visit this amazing place. Note that, it is an over-crowded place with many people. Identically, Buriganga river is south of this palace. When you enter the palace, you will see many types of flowers on the side of the road.

Ahsan Manzil is mostly European-styled building mixed with many decorative, Indian motifs. In the front side, you will see a large playground with a green garden. In the middle, the big stairs for entering into the palace is really amazing. The beautiful infrastructure, the skull of Nawab’s most favourite elephant, the family portraits of the Nawab and the environment will surely astonish you. It is the most beautiful place in Dhaka in 2024.

Lalbag Kella Images beautiful place in Dhaka

2. Lalbagh Kella (Fort)

Lalbagh Kella (Fort) location is in Lalbagh of Old Dhaka. Generally, Emperor Aurangzeb planned and advised to build the Lalbagh Fort. In 1677, his son Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam started building the fort. Then, it was named Aurangabad Fort. At last, Shaista Khan continued the work. Suddenly, the death of his daughter keep the work uncompleted. According to this incidence, the name also was altered as Lalbagh Fort. It achieved the popularity with this name. The most attractive area in this fort is the living and meeting place of Emporer Shaista Khan. Nowadays, it is used as the museum. There are 3 main gates in this fort. Currently, two gates are closed. The architectural beauty of Mughal times is main fascination for visitors so that they can enjoy.

Nowadays, Bangladesh Government use it as the museum. There are 3 main gates in this fort. Currently, two gates are closed. The architectural beauty of Mughal times is main fascination for visitors so that they can enjoy. Imperfect Mughal fort is the most exotic and renowned one and conveys a great significance of art by Mughal Empire in Bangladesh. Lalbagh fort stands loftily of the old city. It is the best beautiful place in Dhaka in 2024.

Dhakeshwari Mandir Pictures beautiful place in Dhaka

3. Dhakeshwari Mandir

Dhakeshwari Mandir is one of the momentous holy places, which is for the community of Hinduism. It is familiar for one of the best cultural heritage site in Bangladesh. Usually, it mentions to the “Goddess of Dhaka”. This ‘National Temple’ was built by one Mangat Ray who was also
known as Ballalsena. This temple is located in the Dhakeshwari road of Old Dhaka near Ajimpur. Dhakeshwari Temple is one of the prestigious places of the Hindu community as well as they believe it as the place of Durga. It is also worth pointing out that, the name has also come from the idol of Durga. Dhakeshwari is a three-roomed-structured building. A great number of people come here for watching the beauty of this ancient temple.

Albeit the present large building is modern in construction and the original statue was 800 years old but it was vandalized by the Pakistani soldiers during the liberation war in 1971. This temple complex has undergone repair and renovation several times in its long years of existence. However, Dhakeshwari Mandir’s present condition does not clearly point out any of its original architectural sign. Dhakeshwari Mandir is one of the best places to visit in Dhaka in the year 2024.

4. Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban

The National Parliament House Dhaka is one of the best architectural landmarks of Bangladesh. A renowned American architect named Louis Khan designed the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban buildings. Its location is at Sher-e Bangla Nagar, which is the largest legislative complex in the world. The
construction work of National Parliament House Dhaka commenced in 1964 but halted due to the liberation war and it was finally completed in 1982. Moreover, it is an amazing place to pass the time for the people of all ages. Everyone will need to show the VISA on the passport to enter the inside of the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh proudly.

 In other cases, you may not get permissions. Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the surroundings and it is so startling. In the backside of the National Assembly buildings, a public park is situated named Chandrima Uddan where you can also pass some time. Crescent Lake has surrounded the buildings and at the side of the lake Chandrima Uddyan has made the place outstanding.

Bangladesh National Zoo Images beautiful place in Dhaka

5. Bangladesh National Zoo

Bangladesh National Zoo is Located at Mirpur in Dhaka. It is one of the key attractions among the best tourist place in Dhaka. In 1974, BD Govt established it over 75.53 hectors of land. Besides, it contains many native and non-native animals, and wildlife as well as hosts around three million visitors each year. It houses more than 2,000 animals of 165 species. Generally, About 10,000 spectators visit the National Zoo of Bangladesh daily and the number rises in the weekends and holidays. It is a popular place to spend the whole day both for Bangladeshis and international visitors. There are two lakes in the Mirpur Chiriakhana which names are the south lake and the north lake.

The two lakes enhance the natural beauty of the National Zoo of Bangladesh. In winter, spectator can see migratory birds here. Moreover, there are fishing facilities on the zoo lake for fishing. If you are looking for the best tourist place in Dhaka in 2024, then Bangladesh National Zoo is the beautiful place in Dhaka.

National Botanical Garden Pictures beautiful place in Dhaka

6. National Botanical Garden Dhaka

National Botanical Garden Dhaka location is at the very near side of Dhaka Zoo with 205 acres of land. It was established in 1961 for preserving nature and plants. National Botanical Garden is one of the largest plant conservation center in Bangladesh and also a great place of varieties of botanical riches. Moreover, 50,000 plants and 1200 species of trees have made the garden outstanding. The most attractive part of this botanical garden is the rose garden. It is an unprecedented place for nature lovers and botanists.

This place has a huge collection of approximately 100 species of local and foreign plants. National Botanic Garden of Bangladesh houses about 56,000 individual herbs, trees, and shrubs. Hundreds of varieties of roses, multiple types of bamboo in the bamboo groves, the sandal wood and old banyan trees are the key attractions so that people can enjoy. Moreover, there are a cactus house, two nurseries, lily ponds, six lakes, an orchid house, a tissue-culture research center, and a lotus pond with extensive visitor facilities. It is very nice and beautiful place in Dhaka.

7. National Memorial at Savar

National Martyrs’ Memorial or Jatiyo Smriti Soudho is the National Monument of Bangladesh. This monument location is at Savar about 35km northwest of Dhaka. Architect Syed Mainul Hossain designed the monument. Moreover, the whole complex area is of almost 84 acres which are surrounded by a green belt of about 24.7 acres. A water body is located in front of the National Memorial at Savar. From the main entrance, visitors get a strong axial view of this structure uneven path and a manmade lake by a bridge which symbolizes the nation’s difficult path to independence. There are seven pairs in the National Martyrs’ Memorial Dhaka. These seven pillars of walls represent the significant history of Bangladesh. This wonderful structure tells the story of a nation’s journey to independence. For its amazingly choreographed architecture, it is considered to be one of the nice place in Dhaka.

Curzon Hall Images Beautiful Place in Dhaka

8. Curzon Hall Dhaka

Lord Curzon Hall of Dhaka University is one of the best architectural building from the British period. Curzon Hall Dhaka establishment date is in 1904. It is a British Raj-era building.The building was originally intended to be a town hall and is named after Lord curzon. In the following year, Bengal was partitioned with East Bengal as well as Assam. After that Dhaka was declared as the capital. Since 1911 Curzon Hall was used as the campus of Dhaka College. When Dhaka University is formed in 1921. From beginning to end, it became the academic building of the science students. Continually, the building is used for the academic purpose of Dhaka University.

The interior architectural beauty of Curzon Hall attracts tourists. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The Botanical Garden of the university is located on the premises of Curzon hall. It has a large central hall, which is used as academic conferences. The most fascinating part of Curzon Hall is that it has a continuous verandah in all the sides of the Buildings. Moreover, it is a happy blend of Mughal and European elements.

9. Sonargaon

Sonargaon was the old capital of Bengal in the medieval period. It is one of the most famous and renowned place for tourism in Dhaka. From the 13th century, It was a significant business and administrative center at that time. During the medieval period, It was used as the capital city by different rulers of Eastern Bengal. In the mid-13th century, Sonargaon was the capital of the Hindu Deva dynasty. Nevertheless, after a short time, Muslim rulers achieved it and made it their capital city. Principally, it was ruled by independent rulers and then it became a subsidiary capital of the Bengal Sultanate. Afterwards it was acquired by the Mughals.

On the other hand it lost its pride of being the capital in 1610 when the Mughals shifted the capital of Bengal to Jahangirnagar which was later named Dhaka. Wealthy Hindu merchants settled a new neighbourhood named Panam city near Sonargaon. Most of the Mughal structures are ruined
but some of the structures built in the British period are still present there. So, it is considered very beautiful place in Dhaka in 2024. You must visit this place if you are looking for the best picnic spot near Dhaka.

Bangladesh National Museum Images Beautiful Place to visit in Dhaka City

10. Bangladesh National Museum

Bangladesh National Museum has kept all the memories of rising up of Bangladesh over the ages. In 1913, today’s National Museum of Bangladesh launched its journey as a Dhaka Museum in a room of Dhaka Medical College. Bangladesh Government refurbished it in 1983 and kept opened for all kind of people. It
is situated on the south side of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. There are total 46 Gallery with up to 83 thousands of Monuments and ideograph. Moreover, it has a rich collection of sculptures, paintings, the collection of old coins, metal images, books on art, silver filigree at different times. It is opened every day except Thursday and the Govt. holiday. Its also worth pointing out that, the National Museum is also opened in the special days including 21st February, Pahela Boishakh (14th April) as well as some other important days of Bangladesh. You must visit this place if you are looking for the beautiful place near Dhaka.

I have described only 10 places in the Dhaka city. Dhaka has a lot of attractive places. Some famous and best places to visit in Dhaka city are Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, Armenian Church, Ramna Park, Robindo Sorobor, Chandrima Uddan (Zia Uddan), Hatirjheel, Dhanmondi 32, Sohrawardi uddan,Rayerbazar Buddijibi Smritysoudo. Besides, you can also visit some nice place in Dhaka like Nilkhet (The Home of Books), Star Mosque (Tara Masjid), Teacher-Student Centre (TSC). Similarly in 2024, most beautiful place in Dhaka are including Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, Rose Garden Palace, National Science Museum (Agargaon). Certainly, Dhaka is completely safe place for the tourist. Keep in mind, you should visit at least one day to see the best tourist place in Dhaka. You will surely feel the true charm of the Dhaka city by visiting the tourist places.

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