Top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023

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ISP’s are regulated by the BTRC of Bangladesh. In 2005, there were more than 180 Internet service providers operating in BD. But in 2016, there were 119 licensed ISPs providing the services nationwide. And about 65 ISPs provide services in the central zone. Currently, there are 120 Internet service providers in Bangladesh in 2023. Here you can get the list of top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023. Also, you can find their service packages, website address, mobile number and email address. Moreover, If you click on the “Download” button below, then you will find all the list of ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

1. ICC Communication

ICC Communication is a nationwide top internet service provider in Bangladesh. This organization is a part of ICC Group. They provide broadband internet and private data. ICC Communication speed number of tests is 9.01 Mb/s. Their mission statement is to provide ICT solutions to their clients with cost-effective technologies. Network platforms support a team to provide a professional service. Moreover, the ICC Communication vision is to connect the mass people with digital information. A group of highly skilled, talented, and trained supportive people provide their services. They have vast experience in this sector. ICC Communication covers all the major areas of whole Bangladesh. Moreover, it has an automated billing system and fully secured. They ensure the best quality services in Bangladesh.

Moreover, they help operate and connect their office network with their clients. Unlimited browsing & free static IP address are available. However, technical support and movie servers are available in 24 hours. It is in 1st position in the list of top ten ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 09639123000, 01306319782
Lowest Package: 5MBPS 600TK
Highest Package: 25MBPS 2000TK
Address: S N Centre, Plot 15-18 (Gr.Floor) Lane 6, Block D, Mirpur-12.

2. Ks Network

KS Network is a leading Internet Service Provider company in Bangladesh. They are providing high-quality internet access with exceptional support services. Note that all their services are provided at exceptionally discounted rates. KS Network has the ideal package for any individual looking for a good internet service. You know, the Internet is an essential part of everyday life. Surely, KS Network will provide you the best internet services. Get their top ISP services at the cheapest rate. However, they provide internet services via ADSL and Fiber Optics. So, it is in the 2nd number position among the top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 01733347570 to 5, 9614084 129
Lowest Package: 16MBPS 800TK
Highest Package: 30MBPS 1500TK
Address: Gausul Azam Super Market, Nilkhet, Dhaka.

3. DOT Internet

DOT Internet started its operation in 2005. They have commitment to quality internet service at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Firstly, DOT Internet started with broadband service in BD with the state of art technology. However, in the last few years DOT Internet has introduced many new ideas to the internet industry. Indeed, they believe that they will be successful if their clients are successful. Their main aim is to satisfy all the Gamers by providing good Internet connection. So, DOT Internet is in the 3rd number position among the top 10 ISP in BD in 2023.

Phone: 09639121121, 09638121121
Lowest Package: 10MBPS 1000TK
Highest Package: 15MBPS 1500TK
Address: 350, Jafrabad, Polpar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207.

4. Link3 Technologies

Link3 Technologies Ltd is an internet Solution Provider. It has operated in the Bangladesh market for the last 2 decades. It launched its journey in 2000. Sheikh Raihan Ahmed & Sajjid Haider Pasha were the pioneers of it. Link3 Technologies Ltd achieved a high level of success, great customer service quality and satisfaction. Moreover, it can ensure a high standard of service that brings the best isp in Dhaka. Link3 Technologies speed number of Tests is 8.86 Mb/s. If anyone pays the 12 months bill and gets a new Link3 connection completely Free. They have an official licensee of Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission. Moreover, it provides nationwide Data Connectivity, Internet & Domestic Data Communication Services. In 2009, it achieved BTRC approved Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) license.

If anyone is looking for a job circular for Link3 Technologies, they can follow their website. Every updated news is available here. Link3 has over 300 expert engineers and more than 900 technicians. It has redundant internet connectivity with ICX and IGW for ISD calls. Link3 has built nationwide networking in the whole Bd. Moreover, the ftp server is also available in Link3. Every bandwidth speed is mentioned as the highest speed for individual packages. Customers have to pay a security deposit of 1000 Taka (Refundable) before signing. So, it is in 4th position in the ranking of top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 09678-123123
Lowest Package: 20MBPS 1389TK
Highest Package: 35MBPS 2989TK
Address: Police Plaza Concord, 13th Floor (Tower-1) Plot- 02, Road- 144, Gulshan.

5. Triangle Services Limited

They are the top internet service provider in Bangladesh. Triangle Services Limited provides fully dedicated, cost-effective, super fast, and secured internet connection. They promised to meet your needs and deliver the best customer service. Triangle Services Limited initiative of the Leased Optical Fiber Network across Dhaka City and Chittagong. They have about 300 Km of Underground and Own Optical Fiber Network in BD. They offer state-of-the-art Managed Network Services to enterprises. Currently, Triangle operates through 1 Gbps Wireless ring and 10 Gbps Optical fiber meshes. For small, medium, or large enterprises, Triangle Services Limited has proven solutions. So, it is in 5th position in the list of top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: +88-09666770444
Lowest Package: 25MBPS 1299TK
Highest Package: 40MBPS 9000TK
Address: Wakil Tower (7th Floor) Ta-131 Badda Link Road, Gulshan-1.

6. AmberIT Limited

Amber IT is a famous data supplier in Bangladesh. From small beginnings as a radio-link internet access to local businesses. It has come since its establishment in 1997. Consistently, AmberIT has grown into a diverse business class voice and data services. They have achieved the reputation of an internet communications service. AmberIT Limited speed number of tests is 24.36 Mb/s. Amber IT principles are very good rather than the other company. Moreover, they are always dedicated to serving customers at all times. They achieve an extensive portfolio of data connectivity. However, their branch is available in 64 districts. They maintain corporate internet & data connectivity. And, it provides safe & smarter home internet services for customers. Moreover, AmberIT Limited provides high quality & reliable IPTSP services.

They offer a full range of fast, super-fast and ultrafast broadband packages. Besides, they offer Cloud IP-PBX, Zero CapEx. However, the customer can enjoy the free PBX system. Surely, it is very affordable for everyone among the top 10 ISP company in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 09611123123, +88029844415
Lowest Package: 20MBPS 1200TK
Highest Package: 45MBPS 4000TK
Address: Gulshan 1, Navana Tower (7th floor) 45, Gulshan South C/A, Circle 1.

7. Carnival Internet

Carnival Internet is the best internet service provider in Dhaka. Currently, it is ranking in 7th position among 780 providers in Bangladesh. Carnival Internet Download Speed is 12.33 Mb/s. Upload Speed is 15.94 Mb/s and Ping Latency is 218 ms. However, it provides powerful and secure connectivity to reliable network solutions. There are good features in Carnival Internet. Note that, One-time installation charge is only 1,500 Tk. Applicable for all new connections in bd. Installation time is nearly 3 days. Their packages are monthly and yearly. Moreover, packages are available for everyone as well as for business purposes. Internet speed of PRONTO packages 20 Mbps. And, Internet speed of PRESTO packages is 30 Mbps. Internet speed of PRIMO packages PRIMO 40 Mbps. Dedicated Speed connectivity for super-fast internet speed.

There is no data cap and barring. Real IP comes free with any package for office networking. Dedicated Hotline Expert team responds & solves any issues with speed & problems. Redundant connection ensures 24/7 guaranteed network availability. Proactive Monitoring latest tools to monitor your connection. So, it is in the 7th position in the ranking of top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 09612363693
Lowest Package: 20MBPS 1599TK
Highest Package: 20MBPS 1599TK
Address: Uday Tower, Level 12, 57 & 57/A, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.

8. Yellow Net

Yellow Net is one of the biggest internet service providers in Bangladesh. They have more than 12 years of experience in this field. And Yellow Net ensures better quality customer service. Their cheap-rated internet package helps to enjoy unlimited usage policy using an FTP server. It is one of the leading ISPs in Adabor & Mohammadpur Dhaka. They provide faster internet service for corporate and home users. Moreover, Yellow Net is always one step ahead in this competitive field. Excellent customer services has made them one of the most reliable internet service providers in Dhaka city. Remember, they have 24/7 customer support, high-end technologies, and IT experts. So, it is in 8th position among the top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 02-48115274, +8801912-683064 , +8801968-801090-99
Lowest Package: 6MBPS 500TK
Highest Package: 80MBPS 4000TK
Address: 25/22, (Ground Floor), Sher Shah Suri Road, Mohammadpur.

9. Antaranga Ltd

Antaranga Ltd is one of the leading nationwide Internet service providers. Surely, they provide faster internet connection for home and business corporations. Antaranga dot com Ltd has over 18 years of experience in the ISP field. Currently, they are serving over 30k home users. Moreover, they provide any connection issue solution within 30 minutes. Interesting fact is that they have Smart TV and Gaming packages. You can enjoy unlimited Facebook and YouTube from their packages. Streaming Movies, Downloading, Playing Online Games, they have perfect internet packages for you. So, it is in the 9th number position among the top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 02-9347610, 02-48314105
Lowest Package: 8MBPS 500TK
Highest Package: 50MBPS 4000TK
Address: 24/1, Shan Tower (3rd floor), Shantinagar, Polton, Dhaka- 1217.

10. Inspire Broadband

Inspire Broadband started its operation in the year 2005. They are providing quality internet services at an affordable price. However, their R & D team have introduced many new technologies for the new millennium. Moreover, their clients are relying on their ability to provide a stable connection. Indeed, Inspire Broadband is a renowned Internet Service Provider in BD. The ISP company serves predominantly across Dhaka Capital. So, it is in the 10th number position among the top 10 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023.

Phone: 01512-999666, 01610-888666, 09609-666777
Lowest Package: 7MBPS 800TK
Highest Package: 35MBPS 3000TK
Address: 312, South Paik Para, Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216.

Top 20 ISP in Bangladesh

Here is the list of all 20 ISP in Bangladesh in 2023. These Internet Service Providers provide high download and upload speed with low cost. They always provide better ISP service to the people of BD. Check the below list to find your desired ISP near you.

Position Internet Service Providers
ICC Communication LTD
KS Network LTD
DOT Internet
Link3 Technologies Ltd
Triangle Services Limited
Amber IT Limited
Carnival Internet
Yellow Net
Antaranga Dot Com Ltd.
Inspire Broadband
InfoLink Limited
Beximco IT Division
Business Network (bNet)
BDCOM Online Ltd.
Video Elephant Broadband
Exord Online
One Net
ReignICT Broadband
Agni Systems Limited

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ICC Communication is the best ISP in Bangladesh.

BTRC is looking to provide national 5G coverage by 2026.

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